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Meet Taylor

When I started Taylor Paige Skin, my goal was to create a different kind of facial than we were used to. I wanted to go beyond your average spa facial and create an experience that was both relaxing and informative.

Your first facial with me will feel like a true learning experience – like a skin 101 course while your skin is being worked on. I believe that when you understand the basics of skin function, that you’ll be more inspired to take care of it. I want to make you excited about skin care!

I take pride in utilizing the most innovative technology. In 2017, I became Santa Barbara’s first HydraFacial® specialist and since then, I have introduced several new modalities to the area. I’ve invested in the best technology available, and will always stay ahead of the curve!

The word Integrative was very intentional for me. As much as I love the machines and serums/creams, my job goes far beyond that. I believe that beauty starts within. My interest in health and wellness started years ago in the treatment room. I was seeing hundreds of people with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis. And I learned quickly that skin health is intimately connected to what’s happening inside, and you cannot fix the root cause skin with topicals and treatments.

In early 2023 I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. What I have learned allows me to take a truly holistic approach to all skin conditions. I loved the course so much that I encouraged my team to complete it as well! And we are now the only skin clinic in Santa Barbara with this type of training.

And while I am so passionate about preventative skin rituals and the importance a balanced lifestyle… I didn’t want to leave out the older generations – the ones who might need more than just the preventative measures. Because the truth is: there’s no amount of green juice and gua sha that will fix 30+ years of CA sun damage!

I wanted to integrate everything that I know and have options for everyone. So I decided to take it a step further and recently welcomed a new branch of the business. We now have a state-of-the-art laser room within the walls of Taylor Paige Integrative Skincare, making us a one stop shop for every skin concern.

Learning and teaching is what keep me inspired. Teaching Kaylee and Ari and watching them blossom into amazing aestheticians has brought me so much joy. I’m so proud of them.

My success has been built almost solely on referrals. My clients trust me and want their friends to come see me, and at the end of the day there is no bigger compliment. I’ve had the pleasure of touching so many beautiful faces in our sweet little Santa Barbara community. I get to make people feel good, and I’ve made countless friendships while doing it! I truly have my dream job, and I will forever be grateful.


Meet Kaylee

Kaylee fell in love with skincare after becoming a regular client of mine. She joined me in 2021 after completing her esthetic training. Everyone loves being around Kaylee, and I’ve had so much fun working alongside her. I will never forget how fast Kaylee picked things up -she is my right hand!

Meet Ari

When Ari joined the team in 2022, we knew right away that she had a unique talent. After completing training in manual lymphatic drainage, she and I began developing a new branch of the menu to highlight her skill set. Ari has a very special energy, and she loves making people feel good.

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