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The JetPro is a breakthrough approach to skincare that uses advanced jet propulsion technology to provide deep, transdermal delivery of topicals. The JetPro (also known as the JetPeel) utilizes pressurized gas that manipulates liquid (serums) into fine misty jet streams using the patented JetPro handpieces. This unique technology was adapted from the aviation industry, and has been perfected over the last 20 years. The JetPro treatment takes non-invasive yet effective skin treatments to new heights of excellence, providing a versatile and precise way of addressing all skin conditions.

This clinically proven technique does what most other device simply cannot: It delivers ingredients into the DERMAL layer of the skin. This means that you’re not just getting superficial plumping and hydration, you’re actually achieving LONG TERM results!

How does it work? The JetPro can be used for exfoliation or infusion, depending on how the hand piece is held. Based on the skin concerns being addressed, your provider will choose the right blend of ingredients to infuse. The serums are broken into micro droplets and travel through the hand piece and into the skin at subsonic speeds of over 200 m/s, gently stretching the skin to create micro channels in the epidermis. The jet streams enable hydroporation, allowing ingredients to be delivered up to 4mm deep into the tissue – without causing any injury to the epidermis! The treatment is 100% non-invasive and can truly be used on ANY skin type – even active acne and rosacea. It provides both instant plumping as well as long-term collagen building. The JetPro is considered a non-invasive alternative to micro needling for topical infusion. And there is no wait time – the direct delivery deep into the dermis creates results that are visible on the same day and will continue our the following month.

The treatment is relaxing and has a cryotherapy effect on the skin. It can be used anywhere on the body, including the scalp for hair restoration!

The JetPro device was designed to be used with Jet Solutions – a line of treatment formulas created in Milan, Italy that have undergone extensive testing under strict dermatological control.

Jet Solution address a range of skin conditions. Up to (2) serums can be infused into the skin per session. The infusions will be chosen day-of.

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