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  • The online booking platform is for established clients only. All NEW CLIENTS must email us in order to book the initial appointment. Please note: Taylor generally books 8+ weeks out for NEW clients. If you would like to be seen sooner, you can be seen by Kaylee!
  • All NEW CLIENTS will be scheduled for a 105-minute ‘New Client Consult + Treatment’. We will decide day-of which treatment is best and have time to go over home care. Please click the ‘FAQ’ tab to be more prepared for your first appointment with us!
  • The online booking platform has a waitlist feature. This feature is for established clients ONLY. Please feel free to utilize this if you’d like to be notified of sooner openings!
  • Once your appointment request is submitted, it is safe to assume that is confirmed, unless you hear otherwise. Please note: Your appointment may get pushed forward or back in increments of 15 minutes, max. You will be notified of such appointment changes!
  • Scheduling tip: If you’d like to be presented with sooner availability, try to modify the service. (Ex: choosing a shorter service will show more openings)

Taylor’s general availability: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:30am-5pm | Thursday & Friday, 9:00am-1pm
Kaylee’s general availability: Mondays 10am-5:30pm | Thursday & Friday 1pm-6:30pm | Saturday’s 9:30am-4pm
Ari’s general availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays 9:30am-4pm
Although we do not require deposits, we do require a credit card upon booking appointments. Because we don’t have a receptionist, this will create an easier checkout experience – and could mean that you have more time for your treatment!
You may use whatever form of payment day-of.
In the situation of a no-show or day-of cancellation, your card may be charged accordingly.

(For established clients only)
All NEW CLIENTS must email us in order to book the initial appointment

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